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Building connections between resource and need...

Because that's what neighbors do.

The Pantry is open every Saturday. Registration begins at 4:00 pm.
Find us in the Gymnasium of Living Faith, at 2601 Benham Ave.
The Pantry entrance is at Door E, in the East parking lot, along Chippewa Drive.

What you can expect when you visit the Pantry...

First and foremost, you can be expected to be treated with dignity. We value every guest and want your experience to be life-giving to you and your family. We will do everything we can to welcome you with hospitality and kindness.

Registration Process

Your first stop will be the registration desk. After a simple check-in process, you will be given a label with your grocery pick-up number on it. First time guests are asked to complete a simple intake form. You should not need to fill this out again unless your household information changes.

There is no limit to how many times you can receive groceries from The Pantry. You are welcome to attend every time our doors are open.

Grocery Menu

Each time you visit the Pantry, you will be given a menu for the day. From this menu, you will be able to select the groceries you would like to be given. We provide a variety of options, from dry goods, to meat, to produce, and even dairy items when available. Once your menu is received, our volunteers pack your box with your desired items. If we are unable to fulfill all of your menu, we will substitute items that match your selections as close as possible.

Our menus are currently both in English and Spanish.

Hospitality Options

While you enjoy dinner, you'll also be able to take in a short program. These programs vary in content. Some are for entertainment, some an encouraging message of community building, and some are educational. In fact, we often invite community guests in to share other resources that are available to help with specific needs you may be facing.

We ask that only one person from each household registers for groceries each Saturday, but you are welcome to bring your family with you to enjoy the meal and the program. 

Additional Resources

In addition to your grocery box, you will also be able to enter our Supply Room to shop for additional items that vary weekly. These items typically include medicines, vitamins and supplements, baked goods, additional produce, and hygiene items.

For even more opportunities to connect with needed resource, read on!

There's more!

We also offer other opportunities to access needed resources at specific times throughout the year. These include the following:

School Supply Store

Every year, right before school starts, our guests are able to register to shop in our School Supply Store for a backpack for each student and a variety of school supplies. We also enjoy hosting area barbers that day for fresh back to school haircuts!

Thanksgiving in a Box

Every Thanksgiving, our clients are able to register for the gift of everything needed for a great holiday meal, from a turkey, right down to the pie!

Christmas Store

Every Christmas season, parents are able to register to select a free gift for each child in their household. Our store is stocked with selections for boys and girls from infant to 18 years of age. Once our guests select their gifts, they can enter the wrapping room, where volunteers will help them wrap and tag their gifts for their Christmas morning surprises!

Would you like to volunteer?

We'd love to help you find your place to serve at The Pantry!

Some of our regular volunteer roles include greeters, grocery shoppers/packers, translators,  and carry-out assistants.

Please reach out at the contact info below and we'll be in touch with more details on how to serve!

Want to partner with us?

There are a variety of ways to partner with the mission of the Pantry in connecting resource to need. Here are just a few:

Provide a Meal

We feed our guests a meal every Saturday. Let us know if you or your group would like to partner with us by providing one of those meals, either as a one time event or on a regular rotation. There are options for donating the ingredients, having the meal catered, or cooking it yourself. If needed, we can arrange for you to use our kitchen facilities to prepare the meal, and we have a variety of service items to assist you in showing great hospitality to our community.

Purchase Needed Items

Our guest list is growing every week! We are in need of several specific items to help us serve our guests even better.  Click below to see our wish list on Amazon.

Please note that some items are for reference only and could be purchased at a better price here locally. You are welcome to contact us for more information or to arrange delivery of donated items.

We also welcome gently used items and can provide a fair market value receipt for secondhand donations for tax deductible purposes.

Biggest Current Need: A Commercial Refrigerator and/or Freezer to help us provide more fresh food to our guests. We are currently having to limit how much refrigerated/frozen items we can accept to accommodate our available cold storage space.


Our Pantry is a 100% nonprofit agency, committed to serving the community of Elkhart, Indiana. It is largely funded by the congregation of Living Faith, but we are finding the mission is bigger than one church can accomplish alone and welcome your investment in the lives of hundreds of Elkhart County residents.

All funds designated as a donation to the Pantry will be used strictly for providing resources for the Pantry to meet need in our local neighborhood. All donations are tax deductible.