Meet Our Elders

Living Faith's governing board is comprised of men and women (who we call Elders) who are appointed to serve the body for a multi-year term. Elders work closely with staff leadership and represent the congregation as a body to provide oversight and governance of the church's ministries, spiritual health, long term strategy, finances, and administration. Our current elders are: Eric von Atzigen, Scott Carrington, Steve Ciesielski, Steve Crim, Patty Katzer, Mark Longcor, John Webber, and Gary Yordy.

Eric and Mindy von Atzigen

Scott and Rita Carrington

Steve and Ginny Ciesielski

Steve and Jane Crim

Mark and Patty Katzer

Mark and Jan Longcor

John and Sarah Webber

Gary and Shar Yordy