Family Times

A great way to stay connected and encouraged in this season!

Welcome to Living Faith Family Times!

In this season where it is hard to connect with each other, we wanted to come together and share encouragements and love!

We air Family Time videos every Tuesday and Thursday on our Facebook Page:

If you don't have a Facebook, you can still catch all these videos here on Fridays!

May 26

May 21

May 19

May 12 &14

May 7

May 5

April 30

April 28

April 23

April 21

April 16

April 14

April 9

April 7

April 2

Ciesielski Family Time

March 31

Prayer and Worship

March 26

Awana Celebration!

March 25

Youth Encouragement

March 24

Collins' Family Time

March 19

Carrington's Family Time

March 17

von Atzigen Communion